Wednesday, December 23, 2009

this song is called " When You Meet The Stalker "

first attempt buat lyrics.
usha nie.

Face the stalker
she'll cut you down
Try to fight
she'll destroy your town
She's got the strength
but not the right
To make you kill
or make you fight
Her body blue
but her eyes are red
For the blood
that she will shed
Money corrupts
her evil mind
Dont ever think
that you will survive.

A piece of peace
she's not got
To run our lives
she cannot
She means good
so she said
She's gotta be
out of her head
The pain she gives
give her back
See the power
that she lacks
Face the stalker
one more time
And you will see
Yourlife on the line

If you want to survive,
Sacrife your body make it mine,
Dont ever think to fight me back,
Or else you will be a rack.


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